Shanel Sobredilla

Hi! I’m Shanel, a Digital Media Designer.

Growing up in a house of designers, I was fortunate enough to appreciate and see the work that goes into creating. I believe that a good design is successful when it translates to people through its simplicity. Design is created for people, therefore I put importance on the human aspect that goes into my works.

One thing I value the most about my work is the never-ending journey to learn and collaborate. The experience and knowledge I get to pick up from the people I work with is what continues to inspire me to create.

Guyshi: A Docuseries

Guyshi: A Docuseries was created for the Creative Media Project module to further build on our skills that we developed throughout the course.

This docuseries follows the story of 4 key people in Guyshi who has been part of the team since Day 1. The aims of this docuseries is to allow Guyshi to build an emotional connection with their customers by showing a more personal side of them. Get a glimpse of how everything works behind the scenes and be inspired by their values and passion in what they do.

And don’t forget! Give Guyshi a visit and treat yourself to a one of a kind dining experience.