Mia Mason

Hello, I’m Mia !

I’m currently a student graduating from Sheffield Hallam University.

I’ve worked on a diverse content creation skillset during my time at university, perfecting photography, social media management and brand promotion, 3d modelling, concept art, graphic design and my favourite – filmmaking and video editing. 

Pursuing personal projects in filmmaking has allowed my creativity and storytelling skills to thrive over the past few years, and I’m eager to put these into practice professionally.

Visualising the fantasy novel “A court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J Maas

This project aims to provide an introduction to basic concept art skills through visualising the fantasy novel “ A court of Thorns and Roses”by Sarah J Maas. The main goal of this project is to research, understand, implement and develop the key skills needed to step into the world of concept art, using the book as a platform to do so.
Specific focus areas in this project were character design and landscape design and developing overall worldbuilding skills.