Jasmin Schifferstein

Hi, I am Jasmin, throughout the Creative Media Project module, I have used skills which I have learned throughout my four year university journey. I decided to work with a client to gain industry experience.

I have worked with Guyshi to create social media content for them in short video form as well as photo form. I have a passion about delivering high-quality digital marketing, photography, graphic design and videography. I believe in building a strong relationship with clients, working tirelessly to understand their vision and needs and delivering personalised solutions to help them achieve their goals.

As well as starting to develop specialised content for Guyshi I took the chance to develop my content creation skills and product photography skills.

Guyshi Social Media and Content Creation

The overall aim of the Creative Media Project was utilizing previous skill sets which were developed throughout previous modules which were taught throughout the four years of university. This project has been dedicated to social media content creation, through the use of photography and video assets. Having the client Guyshi, a Japanese charcoal restaurant located in Sheffield city centre it gave the chance to explore video and photo form of content creation. Capturing the venue, beverages, food aspect alongside with their delivery service to bring the most out of their social media presence and help boost their following.