Grace Whaley

My names Grace, I’m a digital designer from Northern Ireland. Some of my passions within digital media include graphic design, video editing, photography and a lot more. I’m actively looking forward to incorporating myself into the industry and look forward to maybe working with some of you!

I worked with a content creator on TikTok over the summer of 2023! This gave me an outlook into the industry, working with managers and the client, and what work would be like once I finished my degree!

Inequality in Gaming – Short Documentary

For this Creative Media Project it was decided to create a short film/documentary. The hope is that this short film brings to light a form of discrimination, hate crimes and misogyny that often is overlooked in the gaming scene, how people react to it and how it affects people’s view on gaming, the community, and the content creators within the space. The decision was made to create a documentary on the “Inequality within the gaming community, it’s effects and how to combat it,” considering sexism, homophobia, racism, and many other issues that are far too common within the gaming space.