Eloise Smith

Hi, I’m Eloise Smith,

Having developed a passion for digital media during my school years, I always thought that being creative meant being proficient at art, but soon discovered it was so much more. I found love and creativity in designing on my laptop and producing media products. It also involves taking a design brief, analysing the information, creating fresh ideas, collaborating in teams and producing the final piece of media that meets the brief.

Fruity Tipples Branding and Marketing

Undertaking my most significant project to date, I did a complete brand revitalisation for an online liqueur and cocktail company using their standout selling points. The process began with modernising their logo and establishing a distinct sub-brand for their cocktails in a box. Crafting a branding guide was essential, guiding the development of product mock-ups for labels, packaging, business cards, and homepage layouts. Additionally, I assisted with their social media presence, devising templates, a strategic plan, hashtag banks, and conducting audience research. Lastly, I conducted product photography, providing the final elements necessary to create a website mock-up.