Emily Johnson


As a digital producer and content creator, I have a diverse range of experience within the creative field. This includes understanding within photography, videography, photoshoot management, filmmaking, content creation and
social media management, graphic design, and digital media production.

Additionally, my freelance endeavours over the duration of my university course extend to roles such as an artist liaison and events assistant, adding depth to my versatile skill set.

Reloaded Magazine

The objective within the Creative Media Project module was to produce a lifestyle magazine, titled ‘Reloaded’, with an underlying theme of working class artists and individuals. Reloaded emerged from a vision to redefine youth culture, offering a platform tailored for working-class artists, fashion designers, and musicians. Rooted in the belief that creativity should have no socio-economic bounds, Reloaded set out to democratise access to creative spaces whilst reflecting the gritty authenticity of its audience. With a blend of music, fashion, politics, and art, Reloaded aimed to disrupt traditional media narratives and empower its readers with voices that resonate with their experiences.