Kairo Green

I’m Alex and I have a passion for all things media. Whether it be animation and motion graphics, VFX, Games, Films, Photography or Live streaming; I’ve had experience in all.

I’m a very quick and capable learner, veracious, conscientious and always up for a challenge. With a diverse previous experience like mine, I’ve picked up skills, tricks of the trade and boons from a multitude of industries; ultimately culminating in unmatched finesse and efficiency while also maintaining creative solutions within tight constraints.

ECO DEI – Film on Gnostcism

The main, large project was a short experimental/documentary film on the topic of Gnosticism, as a journey of self-exploration with literal visual storytelling of a journey to find gnosis. The film depicts a journey into a cave to find gnosis, finding an ancient gnostic temple in a mystical location within the cave, meeting with  and journey out of the cave with it’s boons. Accompanied by a narrator who explains what gnosticism is and snippets of Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi library.