Sydney Simpson

As a final year ‘Digital Media Production’ student, my journey has been fuelled by an unwavering passion for design and innovation. The opportunity to contribute my creative mindset and skills to dynamic Projects resonates with my aspirations. What distinguishes me is not only my technical proficiency but also my understanding of consumers and markets, fostered by my upbringing Growing up amidst family-owned retail businesses, I developed an acute eye for consumer trends and preferences, complemented by an awareness of the impact of popular culture on markets.

On Time Craft Beer Branding

For my creative Media Project I wanted to work on something that would allow me to have creative freedom and use my skills to showcase a piece of work that represents my hobbies, interests and creative style. 

Being fond of a good pint and the details that create a brand, On Time was born. An imaginary craft beer start-up based in Sheffield, made to make craft beer more accessible to young people.

The brand is a vibrant expression of creativity, fun, and the dynamic relationship between beer and time. Embodying the spirit of Sheffield’s lively community, On Time crafts high-quality beers with distinct characters and stories.

With a commitment to uniqueness, fun illustrations, and funky typography, On Time aims to be more than just a craft beer – it’s a celebration of life’s moments, perfectly timed.