Grace Burr

As a graduate with a BA in Digital Media Production from Sheffield Hallam University, I am looking for a graduate role to begin my career journey. I’m a creative individual looking for career opportunities within the entertainment and media industries. I have an invested interest in marketing and promotion and have specific interests in Graphic Design, Photography, Motion Graphics and Commercial videography. The roles of interest include Motion Designer, Content Creator, Graphic Designer.



Guyshi App

The primary objective of the Creative Media Project was to apply and expand on the skills introduced and developed throughout the Digital Media Production course. Because of the open brief’s nature, it allowed the ideal opportunity to gain valuable experience by collaborating with a client, the Sheffield based Guyshi Restaurant, which specialises in Japanese cuisine by catering to refined diners seeking luxury dining experiences.

The project aimed to improve Guyshi Restaurant’s dining experience by developing an app prototype. Using digital skills, the app aimed to provide a seamless experience, which serves as an extension of the restaurant’s brand, catering to evolving client needs. The platform included a digital menu, bookings, events, and promotions. Customers could browse easily through an intuitive digital interface, complete with detailed descriptions of each culinary offering and vibrant visuals, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper menus.