Dominique Charalambous

Margaret’s Son Ethan

When two old friends Ethel and Doris are reunited, catching up over a pot of tea in a somewhat dated living room. They bicker over every other detail from back in their day, correcting and questioning each other renditions, adamant that their version is the right one. With each story getting more and more extravagant with every iteration, they egg each other on to make the next story more outrageous than the last. Their relatable depiction of friendship enables the audience to engage with the charismatic duo. As the pair find themselves chortling over their silly stories creating a light hearted and warm atmosphere. However, all good things must come to an end…

My name is Dom (Dominique) Charalambous, I am a third year Sheffield Hallam University student specialising in stop-motion animation, specifically set, prop and puppet fabrication. One of the things I like about animation is that it is a group effort. For as long as I can remember my aunt and uncle have encouraged my art, specifically to draw from life. When leaving my A-Levels I had a few interests that I wanted to peruse and my foundation degree in Fine Art and Design helped me decide on animation.