Aria Armfield

Party of 5

A lonely and closeted trans girl joins a group of friends for a DnD game. Nervous and unsure about how she fits in with this new group, their characters reflect this journey in the world of the game as they band together as a Party of 5.

I’m a 20-something trans woman who loves animation, videogames and especially tabletop rpgs with my friends. My animation practice is in 2d art, I enjoy storyboarding and designing characters the most. Developing character designs constantly for years.

I first played D&D in high school thanks to an amazing teacher who helped set it up, but it never really felt right until I started again in 2019. Having come out and found friends I was a lot more comfortable to play with made me fall in love with it.

I decided to make my film as a way to give a character the first D&D game that I never got in high school – one where I could have been myself and be accepted. My goal is that in the future, I can move to America and I can pursue work in the animation industry as a storyboard artist.