Frank Courtfield

My School Bag has Wings

A small School girl that loves to imagine that she can fly, however, what if that were to come true? She finds a mysterious little fluffy creature, shivering in the cold. Whenever she puts the fluff-ball in her bag, she’ll embark on a magical journey through the skies.

I am Frank Courtfield and I am final year student, studying Animation BA at Sheffield Hallam University. I am 20 years old from a small town called Sheffield. At a young age, I loved animated films more than live action. Animation can be wackier and funnier and much more expressive than live action films! I think animation open kid’s imaginations and lets them escape from reality for a while. So those were the first stages of taking interest. However, when I really got invested in medium was when I was 13 years old, scrolling though YouTube, and then I came across people who do animations on YouTube for a living, creating short animations and tell unique stories through animation. So that’s I aspire to do one day, make films for all to watch.