Daisy McCarthy


I’m Daisy McCarthy, a Digital Producer with a passion for Website Design, Photography and Social Media Marketing! I bring creativity, positivity and commitment to all I do.

I’m equally enthusiastic working collaboratively or on my own account, with exceptional organisational skills and a great sense of style!


Frontline Therapy

A number of assignments were completed within the Creative Media Project (CMP), in order to both showcase and develop skill sets in subject areas of particular interest.

The first task was a website design project for “Frontline Therapy” (a counselling service dedicated to those working within the emergency services). Designing the website from scratch (alongside the client, Claire Crilly), provided an opportunity to use personal creativity to enhance Claire’s online presence whilst advising on vital factors to include site maps, logos, colour schemes and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The aims for this brief were to improve on website design skills, use of a new software (whilst exploring its benefits and limitations (WordPress) and applying SEO techniques in order to market the company effectively, so as to achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Four Seasons Golf Centre

The second project was a social media marketing campaign and photography proposal, for a local golf driving range, “Four Seasons Golf Centre” (FSGC). The objectives for this brief were to create social media posts that adhere to the brand guidelines and photography portfolios containing both product and general images, to be used in conjunction with Instagram posts (whilst also creating a catalogue of future website images). Assisting the management of the Instagram account required research into the target audience as well as the platform, in order to assess what type of content and time/s of day would promote the account in an effective way. The social media graphics took inspiration from other golf-themed accounts so as to appreciate what creates a stand-out and engaging look for users. The photography called for extensive research and advice from lecturers when photographing specific products (drivers, hybrids, irons, hats, gloves, balls etc.) being mindful of glossy and reflective surfaces.