Maggie Walsh


I’m Margaret Walsh and I love graphic design and my best skills are on Adobe Illustrator. Graphic Design and Illustrator is my favourite work to do because you can create really fun and creative stuff, but I love expanding my skills using other software. I would like my photography and photoshop skills to improve as I love taking pictures and editing them.

I am from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire but would love to travel and see differing cultures and broaden my knowledge. My dream job would be to create graphics for clothing or posters.

SPUD Clothing Brand

The creative media project is about showcasing the skills developed throughout the three-year course. For this module we had double the amount of time allotted to the rest of the projects, this means we had to create a large portfolio of work. The decided project was to create a streetwear clothing brand. Creating a clothing brand entails a lot of work as you must create a whole brand guide.

This includes a couple of logos, colour scheme, audience research, product mock-ups, social media, photography and much more. Creating a detailed branding guide was going to be a lot of work but enough skills had been established using differing Adobe software’s that it was possible. The reason this was the chosen project was the ‘Graphic Design’ module in first year was intriguing and interesting, the work created for that was about a record shop and this time I wanted to create something I have always been interested in, which is clothing. As graphic t-shirts are popular right now, this project would be a good way to develop on peoples taste and create a fun and unique brand.