William Green

Troubled Attempts

My final animated piece is a short comedy sketch about a simple interaction between a man and a single vending machine. Inspired by camera angles, shots and directing styles of Edgar Wright. But with Mr. Bean style humour, where no matter the demographic, it can be enjoyed by all. Throughout it I wanted to test my chops for comedy, I did this by taking notes on the 3-act set up for a joke, in which audiences are introduced to an idea, reminded, and later paid off. My goal was to display my generalist 3D skills, involving lighting, modelling, rigging, animation (characters, models, and lights), and camera directing skills. I wanted variety in visual presentation, the way I set up shots and angles. I wanted involvement, therefore I opted to occasionally animate camera movements as well as changeup camera positions, angles, and depths; depending on the timing it was needed for within the piece.

Hi, I’m William, I’m an up and coming 3D Modeller and Animator. My studies involve creation of digital assets through the use of software like Blender, Maya and to a lesser extent – 3DS Max. Whether this be modelling cars, phones, weaponry or anything mechanical for use in marketing campaigns, video games or computer visual effects. All the way to animation, which involves bringing characters to life. For my final major project in the final year of University, my plan is to create a satirical sketch where in which I test my comedic chops; whilst also branching out and extensively learning as much as I possibly can with the software’s I will be using. The software being Blender, Substance Painter, Premier Pro and Audition.