Public Relations Communications Association diversity project

diversity, PR

Breaking down barriers to PR industry diversity was the focus of work by final year Journalism, PR with Media undergraduate students. Slade Skjolde, Abby Kennedy, Lucie Whitehill and Rita Gomes-Guerreiro,  took their own critical view of one of the PR industry’s biggest global agencies, Edelman, as part of a national project to break down barriers to diversity. The project was championed by the Public Relations Communications Association,(PRCA) and part of ongoing work to improve diversity and in the UK PR workplace, to better represent gender and age, race, disability and LGBTQ within recruitment. The project work was led by SHU Senior Lecturer in Public Relations and PRCA National Council member Carmel O’Toole.

Our picture shows SHU students presenting at a joint PRCA showcase held at Leeds Beckett University.