Lucy Walsh

The Night Terror

In the dead of night, a small teddy bear comes to life only to discover he isn’t alone wandering the room in the dark. Teddy must fight the creature lurking under the bed and return to the sleeping boy before daybreak. Armed only with a pair of scissors, can a teddy bear defeat the monster once and for all? Or is the child in more danger than he realises?

My name is Lucy Walsh, I am a third year animation student at Sheffield Hallam University specialising in 3D CGI Animation, and I am the director of my student film ‘The Night Terror’.

I didn’t go into this course thinking I would specialise in 3D animation, but in second year I found a love for it and have ended up specialising in it for my final Major Project. This project I wanted to focus on the parts of CGI that I find most interesting, which is character sculpting and rigging, so I set the Monster as my big challenge to get right and show what I can do.