Lucy Craggs

Night Terror

A story about a girl dealing with her anxiety in the night. As her panic mounts she uses grounding techniques to calm herself and the physical embodiment of her fear. With her anxiety quelled, she is able to rest.

I am Lucy Craggs, a final year animation student at Sheffield Hallam University. I am 21 years old and from Grimsby.

My admiration for animation started with animated films I watched when I was little, but developed further when I attempted my first animated short in college.

Both my current film and this past film are 2D animated, as I’ve always found it to be impressive and it ties into another passion of mine: drawing art.

For my final animation, I wanted to explore anxiety and what it means to me including how it affects me, and how I deal with it. It was important to me that I express that anxiety is a normal thing to experience, and it never truly disappears, but when it reaches unmanageable levels is when it becomes a problem and when it needs to be managed in healthy ways, such as grounding techniques.