Liam Harvey

Crossing The Line, 2022

Crossing The Line – ‘to go beyond what is proper or acceptable’ (Merriam-Webster) or in my own words; stepping into unfamiliar or sometimes even hostile territory. This project aims to encourage you to question what is and is not real. Distinguishing what the difference is between normality and surrealism, is difficult to put into words, yet when you see it, you know exactly what it is that sets them apart. Ask yourself why you feel a certain way when you see something unfamiliar. Why is it that you feel confused? Or uncomfortable? Maybe even a little bit angry? Could you rewire your brain in order to feel at peace with this uncertainty? To understand? Possibly start to forgive? I have constructed these pieces in 3D modelling and compositing software to have full control of how much realism I wanted to demonstrate. Some elements are almost photorealistic in quality but are distorted by a few physically defiant objects or concepts.