Joseph Giltrow


Living on the Outer Hebrides, Mr and Mrs Moray enjoy the fulfilment of island life in their modest, homely cottage. However, this love-struck couple soon learn all good things come with their hardships when battling with the ever-changing northern waters. Caught off guard, Mr Moray endeavours to fight the fierce storms in his humble fishing boat; using everything at his disposal in order to return to his beloved wife.

My name is Joe Giltrow and I am 21 years old. I am in my final year at Sheffield Hallam University studying BA Animation.

My love for storytelling from a young age soon led to my fascination in animation as this provided an exciting medium to convey my ideas, hence leading me to study the subject. With little experience in animation before, I have been able to grow my skills across all animation disciplines, but specifically taking an interest in stop-motion. With my particular interest in traditional filming techniques, this is my chosen discipline for my final film. The raw aesthetic of stop-motion is of great appeal to me because you can see the craftsmanship that goes into its production as well as it providing a simple yet complex quality to its working process.