Joseph Bell

The idea of this project was to create a 4 to 5-minute short horror film that was of course scary, but also to display a message of the importance of locking your front door.

Previous filming and editing experience was used and expanded on to create this project. Many shot techniques and camera angles were used alongside a few different cameras to show knowledge and enthusiasm into the project.

‘Unwanted Company’ is a short horror film that uses a variety of ‘point of view’ styles and effective audio clips to tell the short story. The story is about a character who forgets to lock the door when coming home from work to find out that there is an intruder in his house who isn’t there to be friendly.

The concept of the short film is to incorporate suspense and viewer questioning, to the message of always locking your front door when you get home especially at night. To portray this message, scenes have been included where it is clear to the viewers that the main character ‘Ben’ always locks the door, but one day he forgets.