Holly Mountcastle

Eastern Dragon

I’m a third year Games Art student hoping to move onto Games Art MA. My main focus of study is character art, creating 3D models and 2D concepts. I have been studying game art the past 3 years, previously starting with no prior knowledge of 3D modelling. Now I have gained skills in Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag.

For this project I wanted to create something that I’d really enjoy and am very passionate about, focusing on creating a sculpt that will later be 3D printed. I am often drawing 2D dragons, however I had yet to 3D model one. I have always been fascinated by dragons and their different types yet always drawn to the long, thin, dynamic body of the Eastern dragon. I created my own docile character and placed it in a small environment where it interacts with a small curious robin. I wanted to display both the strength and elegance of these creatures as he holds his body upright to peak at the bird.