Alexandra Yuga

Pom & I

The young girl, Jen’s favourite hobby is to paint and always manages to block out her surroundings, although, since all of her focus is on the painting, she completely misses her cat Pom striding into the bedroom happily.

Since Pom wants affection, she goes ahead to place herself on the wet canvas to be the centre of the attention, although that didn’t go as planned since Jen is now frustrated. Jen, still fuming hears Pom meow and turning towards her, she finds amusement in her little tongue sticking out funnily. She can’t help but still love her needy little cat.

My name is Alexandra Yuga and I am 22 years old. I am from Bradford and a third-year studying BA Animation at Sheffield Hallam University.

I have always loved drawing since I was a young child, enhancing my imagination more with the help of Disney and Dreamworks films. These films inspired me to broaden my horizons and fall in love with how animation can bring life to characters and even backgrounds, how just the movement of a character can
show their personality, as well as their expressions.

I am aiming to specialise in character animation after graduation and hopefully join creative industries to
showcase my skills.