Abigail Heron

Fairy Tales

Hi there! My name is Abigail Heron and I am a twenty-one year old 3D Character Artist, in my final year of Games Art at Sheffield Hallam University. It has always been my passion to turn original character concepts into professional stylised models, using software such as Zbrush and Blender.

My main project aim was to adapt an existing 2D character/concept, turning elements of it into fully rendered 3D character models. The concepts used were based off my College Games Design Booklet from 2018, which documented my original game idea called “Fairy Tales” centred around a spell-based corruption of various traditional fairy tales. I have always been inspired by horror and fairy tales, and my passion for these genres drove me to the thought that an adaptation of my original concept might make an excellent final project, particularly with my increased industry knowledge of character design and development. I chose my main protagonist (Rowan) and the main antagonist (Rampion) as the basis for a set of new 3D character models. Each conceptual character is identifiable with an original fairy tale counterpart – Rowan being based on the Brothers Grimm character “Little Red Riding Hood” and Rampion being based on “Rapunzel”. In the result of making these models, I hope to showcase my industry standard modelling skills and my knowledge as a 3D Character Artist!