Abbie Beniston

Born and raised in Sheffield, twenty-two-year-old Abbie is a third-year Animation student at Sheffield Hallam University specialising in the area of 2D Animation. From her studies Abbie has shown a capability of animating in a range of different software’s, such as Harmony and After Effects. Abbie used her After Effects skills to produce a simple educational animation for her client, Scale-Up 360, as part of a Sheffield Hallam University module. She is currently producing a short-animated piece using both Harmony Premium and After Effects titled ‘What Lies Ahead’, which explores symbolic relations to mental health and illustrates the theme of overwhelming fear. This is a topic that Abbie cares deeply about.

What Lies Ahead

A young girl, alone and afraid, traverses through the woods at night. She is surrounded with tall, thick trees, that go on for miles, and ominous sounds echoing from the distance. A lone lantern is what guides her though the darkness. Will the light be enough to keep her safe from whatever creatures may lurk in the shadows? Or any possible dangers that could lie ahead?